3 HUGE reasons to have the Modern Classics earrings

The perfect blend of style and functionality


#1 Confidently cover your stretched ear holes

Stretched earring holes have become a more common problem for women these days. The enlargement of earring holes is attributed to a combination of factors, including gravity and a decline in collagen levels. As we age, the skin, cartilage, and connective tissues in our ears weaken due to the loss of collagen. Consequently, the earlobes become less capable of supporting the weight of heavy earrings, leading to the gradual enlargement of the piercing holes, a process that typically occurs over a span of two to three decades. 

While there is nothing to be embarrassed about, many people simply find the appearance of stretched ear holes unattractive. If you're feeling self-conscious about them we offer an excellent solution. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, therefore the Modern Classics base earrings aim to help you achieve just that. However, discreetly covering the ear piercings doesn't mean sacrificing your style. Some of the designs are specifically tailored to offer a seamless and stylish cover-up, allowing you to feel more at ease and confident in your appearance. 




#2 It is almost impossible to lose these earrings thanks to the spring system

At Marmara Sterling, we understand that functionality and durability are just as crucial as style. Our base earrings are thoughtfully crafted with an innovative design technique - a spring system for fastening. Inside of the earrings we have engineered a steel spring that pulls the earring parts together. That ensures a secure fit, eliminating any fear of losing your precious earrings. No matter how active your lifestyle may be, our earrings stay firmly in place, providing you with the freedom to move with confidence. 

This little feature is present in many of our base earrings to ensure the best experience and top quality. Speaking of quality - as the spring is made of steel, it took us a lot of effort to come up with a durable gold-plating solution for it. Standard gold-plating techniques do not ensure a durable result but with our plating the gold layer stays nice and strong without any problems!

Did you already notice that we have these earrings in 3 different finishings? - yellow gold, rose gold and silver colour (rhodium-plated). 





#3 Mix & Match jewellery for every occasion

With Marmara Sterling Modern Classics base earrings (but also with several other of our designs!), accessorising becomes a form of art. And we believe that there is an artist in every woman. You, too, can literally become your own jewellery designer! You can experiment with various stunning combinations. Whether you're going for a chic, minimalist look for the office or a bold, statement-making design for a special occasion, just try the different charms on the Modern Classics and you will be astonished by the results!. You can express your personality, mood, and preferences effortlessly by creating a jewellery collection that is uniquely yours. To discover more about how it works, click here.

As mentioned above - you can choose your favourite plating to fit your style best. You can find different earring charms with all the 3 platings. But hey, you can also mix&match the platings! - add rhodium-plated charms to rose gold base earrings and see the effect! Your imagination is the only limit here :) 



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