How to choose the correct ring size?


There are 2 possible options to follow when it comes to measuring your ring size and they depend on the factor if you already have a ring for the finger or you desire a new ring. Luckily there are simple methods to find it out both ways. 


First method - with an existing ring.


Measure the diameter of the ring fitting on the finger you will want to wear a new ring. You can simply measure it with the ruler, but make sure you have millimetre marks on it - each millimetre is pretty important when it comes to the ring size. When you have the diameter in millimetres check the table and find your size.




Second method - without an existing ring.


In case you don't own a ring in the size fitting to the finger you are looking the ring for, there is another simple method. You will need a couple of things, which we are pretty sure are available at any home -  a thin line of paper or thread (something you can wrap around your finger), a marker or pen and a ruler.  Wrap the paper around your finger in the widest part one time and in the place where the thread crosses make a mark on both ends of the thread. And voila - there you go, you know the circumference of your finger and can check in the table to what ring size it matches. 


This is how we did it ...


Good to know.

If you are picking a single ring or want to stack a couple of rings on one finger, we suggest picking the same true-to-size rings, but keep in mind that the thicker ring or combination of rings will be, the bigger ring size might be needed. For example, if your ring size for one delicate band is 16, then when stacking 4 rings on the same finger you might need 16.5 size rings.

  • When picking a ring in-store or measuring your ring size, remember, that early in the mornings and late evenings, after long walks or in warm places fingers tend to swell, and ring size difference can variate up to 2 sizes. So don't fall for that! We suggest taking measurements a couple of times - at different times of the day before you finalize the decision of size.
  •  Ring has to come on and off by applying slight force but not hurting your finger, choosing to lose ring may lead to losing it. When you will be choosing the size of the ring pick the closes measurement to your result, but if you are in between sizes - we suggest choosing a smaller size.
  • Size of the ring might vary during your lifetime, just like other parts of your body. For example, during pregnancy hands and feet swell significantly and might appear bigger.



Rings in MARMARA


When ordering rings from us, you should not be too worried about picking the wrong size, we offer free-of-charge exchange and returns on all our orders, including rings.

We also want to encourage you to wear more rings! We have noticed that our customers are ordering multiple pairs of earrings in sets or pieces from Mix&Match collections - new charms, bases and pendants, but often forgetting about rings.


“ You have ten fingers, but only 2 ears!” 

Rings offer a wide range of possibilities - stack them and create different combinations, dress up different fingers, even place a ring on falanga. Have you had ring on your thumb or pinky? Try - it's a very fashionable way to wear them, and believe us it will get noticed!


And we can assure you when it comes to rings - More is more!





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